Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Welcome to The Booty Trap!!

Ye Intruders Beware.......

With the utterance of those words, the spirit of One Eyed Willie was given a voice and we're off on a whimsical, rollicking pirate adventure.

There were many other great films released in 1985, but none of them are as endearing as The Goonies.  It's 114 minutes of pure magic.

The purpose of this blog, hopefully, is to perpetuate that magic. The fun doesn't have to end when the credits roll and thanks to a number of licensees, we can have our very own piece of The Goondocks.  The Booty Trap will showcase anniversary memorabilia and events while highlighting current collectibles, news, and various tidbits. 

The Goonies is gaining more and more momentum in the realm of pop culture.  All these years later the Inferno's wake is still strong and resonating with new generations. 

Please stay tuned to The Booty Trap as we commemorate three decades of jerk alerts, the Truffle Shuffle, and rich stuff!!!